Knitting Lessons ………

Recently I started knitting again. I guess that is the Granny thing to do. (Actually I enjoyed knitting when I was in my thirties.)  I found an easy pattern for children’s mittens and got out my ‘knitting made easy’ book and tackled the job. It took just a little time reviewing the basics and I was on my way.  Occasionally the pattern called for a little detour that I had to figure out how to do but my ‘knitting made easy’ book came to the rescue even though it was an old book.

There are things in knitting that are a little tedious. Counting stitches is boring to me but it keeps frustration at bay and in the long run it pays off and adds to the beauty of the finished product. The pattern in my mitten project wasn’t readily seen right away, but the farther I got into the project, I could see how it all fit together. There is great satisfaction when the inkling of success starts to appear and you  realize it is a mitten after all!

I had never made a ‘thumb’ before and that was fun and quick. Making different shapes adds functionality to the project and makes it interesting. (My grandkids need thumbs in their mittens!)  Of course it helps to read the directions carefully so you don’t have to rip the whole thing out and start all over again. In the beginning I ripped stitches out a lot, but then I figured out  I did not have to be that drastic and learned a great method  to carefully fix a stitch that looked out of place in the scheme of things.

In a metaphorical way, life, like knitting, requires focus, adjusting, enjoyment and endurance. God has written a ‘life made easy’ book but utilizing it takes focus and practice.  It helps having a few ‘youtube’ videos (the example of Christ, others in the Bible and of course the lives of old friends who live the word) to provide examples in action. Lessons in life are not all learned at once but start out with little projects that are mastered over time. What totally amazing patterns emerge as time and seasoning are allowed to reveal the great goodness of God in our lives. Yes there are dropped stitches, tangled knots and distraction mishaps, but

But let patience (endurance) have her perfect (maturing) work, that ye may be perfect (mature) and entire, wanting (lacking) nothing. James 1:4

Have a wonderful week celebrating the holidays with your family and friends!


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