Good Works For Necessary Uses

It is fun to get excited over a great song, a good book, TV show, or new computer app. However, there is nothing more exciting  than coming across a verse you’ve read over a thousand times in the Bible before and realize it applies to your life succinctly in real living technicolor with the clearest resolution ever!  

The Bible is a book that can just sit on the coffee table or book shelf. It is has chapters like any other book. It also has verses and punctuation. A page usually has two columns with some margin notes in between. Some bibles have italics.  Some bibles are written in old english and some in modern english. All these attributes were added to make the bible more readable! The bible is supposed to present the heart of God and between it’s covers the Word of God can be found.

The Word of God that is in the Bible is so sharp and clear. When applied it has a heart-bubbling effect to those who read it and understand its purpose and reality. It is by far more than just print on a page. It is life in it’s fullest and is totally applicable to anything we come up against in this world.

I have been reading through the pastoral epistles of Timothy and Titus very slowly.  I have stumbled across verses that I just ran over when reading before, but by just focusing on one or two verses in light of what circumstances they were originally penned under, can yield a lot of understanding.

Here’s one little verse at the end of Titus I read today that got me to thinking about what is fruitful and what is unfruitful:

And let ours also learn to maintain good works for necessary (link anagkaios) uses, that they be not unfruitful:(Titus 3:14)

The phrase “good works for necessary uses” caught my attention! So what are ‘necessary uses’ and what makes them good? Hmmm-mmm-m!

Psalm 119:162

I rejoice at thy word, as one that findeth great spoil.


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