Manna is a substance that the Israelites found in the early hours of the morning that came from God to sustain them. The word ‘manna’  in essence means “what is it?” because they had no idea what it was. God was specific in how they were to collect it and use it. For 5 days they collected enough for that day. They were supposed to use it all or it would go bad. On the sixth day however, they were told to collect double and save some of it for the seventh day. The 6th day gatherings did not go bad. Go figure! God’s provisions are seldom formulaic! A formula always works the same!

God not only provided the manna but he provided for  the individual needs of the people. It is a great lesson of trust. God never resides “in a box”.  Too often we try to put him in a box. Just when we think we’ve got it all figured out, he surprises us with greater blessings that don’t fit within the ‘box’! Ephesians 3:20.

There are four great lessons from this:                            96_40_

1. God loves us and is to be trusted

2. He knows our need

3. He is able to provide

4. He WANTS to provide

When we get to the place where we realize how much God wants to provide, we will listen to Him intently. He provides what we need and more.

Man gets so anxious about what he perceives is ahead of him. We just have to think “manna” instead! God had gotten the Israelites to a pleasant rest area in Elim (Exodus 15:27). After leaving Elim and entering into the wilderness, they began to complain against Moses and Aaron (which was in actuality a complaining against God). Instead of looking to God, they looked at the sand and surroundings. Whaaaa! Moses, however, looked in God’s direction because he got the answer and told the people how God would provide. The sand and dust didn’t magically disappear, but God gave them ‘manna’!

God will and does provide. More importantly, it is His heart to provide. The great name of God, Jehovah-Raphah (‘for I am the Lord that healeth thee’), makes it’s debut just prior to landing in Elim. There is no doubt the world appears as a wilderness at times. There is lots of junky stuff going on. Instead of falling in the mire of it all, we should look for the bridge over it all. From a bridge we can still what’s  below, but we also can see the way to the oasis on the other side.


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