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Living Without The Fear Of Making A Mistake

There is an old saying “Yard by yard life is hard, inch by inch it is a cinch!” I’m sure this pertains to the handling of life’s problems that come along, rather than taking aim at planning and organizing the calendar.


Fear is a very real feeling. I’m talking about the sick to the stomach, tossing and turning, creepy kind of fear. It can’t be cured by hiding, denying, talking louder, fighting, bravado, or even chocolate! It is replaced by power (Ephesians 3:20), love (Romans 5:5) and a sound mind (safe and balanced) II Timothy 1:7:

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

That is why the ‘pause that refreshes’ is so vital. God has given us access into His rest and that is where we want to be. When something presents itself and distorts the perception of safe and balanced, it is time to take time. When we stop the roll of the moment and not allow ourselves to be pushed, we seize the moment, give it to God and handle one step at a time. One step at a time is the best way to let it all lay out otherwise we will get a pile of ‘who knows what’ that gets bigger and bigger!

We all make mistakes, its OK. It’s nice to have a few people around you that don’t hold your feet to the fire, but true peace comes from God who has definitely got your back if you let Him. Sometimes we can get so lost- oops! I mean found! in His peace that as we can pick up the pace of life without blinking an eyelash! Sometimes we can’t, but He still love us and sooo patient!


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